News (Updated 2/17/2019): We have filed a complaint with the State of Texas Attorney General's Office about the ridiculous price UNT is charging for grade distributions. This complaint will take two or three weeks to resolve (from the time of posting). We expect to re-initiate a request with the UNT Registrar's Office by early March. Once we receive the data, it should only take a few hours for us to update the website. We thank you for your patience!

–The UNT Grade Distributions Team

Free, as they should be

Unlimited access to grade distributions in all classes in fall 2017 and spring 2018. Transparency for your academic success.

Grade distributions are historical data on how many letter grades of each kind were handed out in classes. Picking classes with favorable grade distributions helps you increase your chance of academic success and timely graduation.


Select the semester you are interested in, and type in either the subject and course number or the instructor or both. You can specify partial queries (for instance, "Smith" or even "Smi" instead of "John Smith").

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Grading system key

  • A - excellent, B - good, C - fair, D - passing, F - failure
  • P - passed, NP - not passed
  • W - withdrawal without penalty, WF - withdrawal and failure
  • I - incomplete
  • PR - thesis progress, NPR - no thesis progress
  • Z - placeholder for improperly received/recorded grades

Downloading data

The grade distribution data we have is freely available for your perusal in several formats. The original format we received from the registrar was Excel.

Donating to the cause

Grade distributions cost $69.16 per semester to retrieve from the UNT Registrar's Office. Your donations directly fund future grade distribution requests and help students like you choose the best classes.

Send $1 or more to our project leader's Venmo: @jeffw16 or contribute to our GoFundMe. All donations will be used to fund future semesters' requests and will never be kept for personal gain.

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